Full web design

I’ll create a website for you from scratch.

Site redesign

If you already have a site, I can make it look better and work better.

Logo Design and project identity/branding

Custom illustration

HTML work

if you have a desgin idea but need help translating it to code, I can help.


I can help you set up a shopping cart for your store.

Photo gallery

I can set up a photo gallery for your site.

Contact forms and Newsletters

I can suggest and help you set up a service for you to start a mailing list and be able to send Newsletters too.

Photo improvement

need something touched up or enhanced for your site? I’m a Photoshop expert!

Ad banners or buttons

do you need a banner to help you advertise or have others link to your site?

Favorites icons

I can create the small images you see by the URL of sites you have in your favorites (IE) or on the tabs of Firefox.

Business cards

Print design

do you need printed material for your business? Brochures? Posters? I can help!