I am a Graphic, Web & Apparel designer. I have a background in Biology & Genetics. My past jobs include sequencing DNA for the Department of Energy and designing baby apparel graphics for Gymboree Corp. Currently, I divide my time between freelance web design, making hand crafted handbags, painting, playing the guitar, gardening, hiking, camping, traveling, thinking about the playa, and dancing a lot. I am a Leo, and the meaning of my name = Metzalli (metz-ahh'-lee): 1.Nahuatl derivation of word Metztli meaning Moon; literal meaning 2.Agave Pulp that is extracted to make tasty beverage. Yes, my parents gave me this name.


*showing at City Art Gallery during the month of July, gallery is at 828 Valencia, SF.
*looking for a full time job as a Graphic, Textile or Web Designer, or in Biotech as a Lab Rat.

ARTIST STATEMENT Art is a prayer, a communication with the other dimensions that surround us. Connecting to the eternal spirit of life is easiest accomplished outdoors, falling asleep while listening to the gentle song of a creek. Bliss is to feel the sun kiss my cheeks as I soak up its energy. Pure joy is to climb to the top of a mountain and smell the clean high air. My art reflects the flow of ecstasy that envelops me as I enjoy the miracle that is nature!



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